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1、首先登入后台,接着到Billing–>Manage Account,找到“close this account”,然后在新页面选中Yeah yeah, I know. I’d still like to cancel. 点击下面的按钮确定删除。

2、然后新打开个页面给你说不在他们退款期,不会退给你剩余的钱了,然后再点击一下continue cancellation确定。

3、最后在新页面输入你的密码,下面两项是意见评价可选填。最后点击close my account now关闭然后回到面板,有信息提示:

This account has been closed, effective immediately!
Your hosting services with us are now all closed and you won’t be charged again (unless you decide to renew any active domain registrations you still have of course)!
Hopefully we’ll see you back again some day.

Thanks for using our services,
The Happy DreamHost Account Closing Robot!

This is just an email verification for you that we’ve now closed Account as you just requested via our web panel.
You will no longer receive any bills from us (unless you kept an active domain _registration_ with us) nor other communications.We’re very sorry it didn’t work out and maybe we’ll see you again someday!
The UnHappy DreamHost Goodbye Team

注意:“close this account”按下去之后就会开始关闭DreamHost的帐户,所以到续费前一天再关闭。还有别忘了备份数据。关闭后你将不会收到DreamHost的续费通知,而他们也不再扣你的钱。DreamHost不能取消自动续费,如果不想自动续费只有关闭帐户不再使用,以上方法希望对你大家有所帮助。

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